1. "“The thing is that you don’t meet someone until you do … and the older we get, the harder it is. And maybe not all of us will meet someone.”
    ― Jennifer Close, Girls in White Dresses"


    Girls In White Dresses

    If you are a girl in your twenties you must read this book. It follows the path of a group of friends who are all going through their twenties. There is so much to this book that is astonishing relatable weather it’s you or someone you know. I absolutely loved it I read it in about a day it’s quick and easy and completely worth it. 

About me

My name is Amy Urban, currently a college Senior at Texas A&M. I originally thought this tumblr account was going to be all about my photos that I take, but I realized the beauty of these accounts is that you can literally do anything with them. I am not set in stone on what all mine will entail, but I know what I like: photos, writing, food, music, traveling, family, and friends so be expecting some of that and then some!!