1. Craft #1: Beautiful Bulletin Board

          After finishing cleaning/updating my room I decided the old magazine photos had to go and it was time to update my desks bulletin board with some fun fabric! I had this initial plan of doing a burlap with lace thing, but let me tell you if you are planning on doing this don’t go in with any plan! It’s really one of those things that you have to hunt until you find a fabric you love and the fabric I loved was nothing I had planned on. All I did was test out two fabrics and then staple-gun it to the board. My mother took over from there and added a pink boarder with some fun rope anddd waalaaa a brand new fun desk!

  2. I would say I’ve been busy, but the truth is I have three tests this week after a successful weekend full of philanthropy events and here I am sitting in class deciding maybe I’ll post something on my tumblr. …Literally I don’t think this class could take any longer. 

    What I wanted to post today was the ever trending DIY blue jean shorts. I got my inspiration off pintrest of course & kind of tried to make it my own. 

    LACE SHORTS: You will need: denim shorts, lace fabric, sewing supplies

    -buy shorts from platos closet (got some for $5!) 

    -cut to desired length

    -get a small square of lace material from a fabric store 

    -find someone how to sew (aka my mom) 

    -show them your vision

    -sew the fabric

    AMERICAN FLAG SHORTS: these were slightly more challenging and I needed more supplies but overall worth it! You will need: masking/painters tape (for stripes), some form of stick on stars or stencil to trace stars, red white & blue fabric paint, some blue jean shorts

    -get shorts & cut to desire length

    -tape off striped & stars (I’ve seen this done on the front or on the back pockets both are cute!) 

    -paint some white squares for the stars & the white stripes 

    - place down stars on white squares and paint over the whole side with blue 

    -after one color of stripes are done tape off finished area & paint the other

    -fully dry 

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My name is Amy Urban, currently a college Senior at Texas A&M. I originally thought this tumblr account was going to be all about my photos that I take, but I realized the beauty of these accounts is that you can literally do anything with them. I am not set in stone on what all mine will entail, but I know what I like: photos, writing, food, music, traveling, family, and friends so be expecting some of that and then some!!